Quand tu essaies de rattraper 6 mois de glandage en TPE en un week-end.

 Clit Club Confessions:
Clit Club:
Admit it.  It’s catchy.
Snakes on a Plane, Sharknado catchy .
And far less shrinkage-worthy than The Vagina Monologues
Besides, the Clit Club, along with The L.U.R.E., Jay’s Hang out, Hellfire Club, The Cock, are a part of New York History #meatpacking

FF to 2014: ClitClubGate
Tagging the WTC lobby Clit Club is the least offensive thing about that Penn-Station-All-Over-Again.
Endless slotted lobby window. Yawn
Hunkered down, bunkered up. Jail
Passive Denial Architecture.  Hatertecture
(sniveling cry-baby voice)  we’re so afraid that someone’s gonna taxi an airbus A380 into the WTC lobby.
Excuse me, we’re not. 
New York has strict community policing standards.  If a suicide bomber sitting in Times Square is about to open up a can of smithereens, you can be damn sure that if he displays any inkling of homosexuality everybody’s gonna know about it.
You can take that to the bank.
A∴A∴ is not gonna blow up its A∴A∴ Magnum Opus until you pin them down for blowing up the first WTC
No one’s gonna blow up anything without
being fully briefed on the situation.
Besides, if it’s going down, it’s already been parodied several times over the tabloids are all over it,
In fact, not only is this post already covered by Thor The Dark World…….
………but the climactic train station #shardnado  is cinemaspeak for
Volgograd Glass Flying Everywhere: It’s a WTC thing. You wouldn’t understand.
So, is there any chance of anyone being able to conduct a rational discussion about any of this?
Who’s going to be the last person to die for the World Trade Center?
Again, no one makes a move that hasn’t already been parodied*.
*I mean, come on, Planet Claire? (already reconstituted reverse racist remark withheld)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AOKPTbZEyA
So, all clear on Clit Club?    #thatsmacktho

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A scene from The Virgin Suicides (Sofia Coppola, 1999).

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